3rd Rare Diseases Summer School

Veranstaltung in englischer Sprache

Wednesday, July 1st to Friday, July 3rd 2015 Tagungszentrum Schloss Au, Wädenswil (on lake Zurich)

The 3rd Rare Diseases Summer School was attended by 25 young clinicians and researchers of which 60% came from Zurich, 16% from other parts of Switzerland, and 24% from other countries. This year the Summer School included participants with background ranging from Medicine (more than 50%) to Natural Science (ca. 35%), Biotechnology, Business Management, and Patient Advocacy.

More than 90 % participants rated the content of the Summer School as good or excellent and 100 % were happy or very happy with its organization. The involvement of the participants, the time for informal discussion, and the interactions between participants and speakers were assessed good or excellent by more than 90% of the participants. Participants were also asked about areas for improvement, in order to further optimize the Summer School.

Based on feedback from previous participants, this year we introduced oral presentations sessions by selected participants. In particular, 10 abstracts were chosen on the basis of their content and the authors were asked to present their work in the lecture hall during dedicated sessions. These newly introduced sessions obtained a good or excellent rating in 100% of the cases.

Social activities

Floating platform


Swimming in the lake

A refreshing jump into the lake of Zurich from a floating platform

Networking Dinner


Networking Dinner at Landgasthof Au Restaurant with a beautiful view over the lake of Zurich and the Alps


Trip to the Monastery of Einsiedeln, the most important pilgrimage site in Switzerland